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exams approaching again orz
forever taking exams D8

I wanna go back to Malaysia and visit my cousins there again~
not to mention Japan :L
but welp Malaysia is nearer
and the food there is good too

anyway I kinda hurt my leg like.. almost a month ago owo
it was during a belt grading session during Judo... 
thank god it wasn't a fracture but I kinda tore ligaments or something
it hurt bad :'o
at least coach decided to give me my yellow belt...  orz orz
used the school's wheelchair in school 
and an office roller chair at home
for awhile and finally started using crutches awhile ago
can't exactly walk on my own yet.. I feel so pathetic orz
and then rashes had to happen 
but I'm really grateful towards all them J-fireans
who have been helping and supporting me the whole time QAQ

I love J-fire god these people fulfill my life too 
I love you guys 
thank you for bringing so much color into my life~~

after promos I'm gonna relax the hell outta myself

and after this week, the MYEs~
I finally got a new laptop of my own! 
After such a loooooong loooooong time

JC life is tough, really
it's fun too, though
I think

lotsa things have happened in these short 4~5 months? since school has started and welp
I've learnt new things
found new friends, new acquaintances and such
had new experiences  
new nicknames
new CCA
but mainly I've sunk deeper into the dark side of yaoi BUT I REGRET NOTHING /shot

I can no longer restrict my perverse mind to just 2d bishounens in love
my mom kinda found out that I'm into yaoi too and she was totally cool with it :'D
but sometimes when she sees me spazz over guys in real life she kinda shakes her head and goes 'you're beyond hope.....'
no regrets. no regrets.

once a fujoshi, always a fujoshi :'D

and I love them nico nico utaites forever~!!

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Started JC life awhile ago.. not that bad
except that it's starting to get a little tiring already :'o

moving on, moving on.

Writer's Block: Check, please!
Who pays on a first date?
:x if the guy wants to pay then I'd let him.. otherwise I'll pay for my own stuff?

Writer's Block: Reading corner
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? Explain why.
I like both.. it's mostly dependent on my mood.

Writer's Block: Movember is Men’s Health Awareness Month
My dad <3
Who is the most important man in your life?

Writer's Block: R.I.P
What do you want done with your body after you die?
I don't actually care about what becomes of my body after I die.. but if I had to choose I'd probably want to be burnt then ask to have my ashes scattered onto plants or something :"D

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My exams are coming up real soon.
Like in 2 weeks.

I don't know if I'm prepared.. it's kinda nerve wrecking to have to wait for 2 weeks.

But I'm looking forward to my holiday trip in December with my dearest cousin~

Writer's Block: Love hurts
What’s the best way to mend a broken heart?
Time, along with someone positive by your side.

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…
What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Snow/Rain or a mixture of both especially in winter.
Everything seems so different when it's raining.
The hustle and bustle of the city seemingly dies down and it becomes.. peaceful, in my opinion.
I seem to have a lighter mood when it rains too.
A pity it doesn't snow in my country though  :c


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