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exams approaching again orz
forever taking exams D8

I wanna go back to Malaysia and visit my cousins there again~
not to mention Japan :L
but welp Malaysia is nearer
and the food there is good too

anyway I kinda hurt my leg like.. almost a month ago owo
it was during a belt grading session during Judo... 
thank god it wasn't a fracture but I kinda tore ligaments or something
it hurt bad :'o
at least coach decided to give me my yellow belt...  orz orz
used the school's wheelchair in school 
and an office roller chair at home
for awhile and finally started using crutches awhile ago
can't exactly walk on my own yet.. I feel so pathetic orz
and then rashes had to happen 
but I'm really grateful towards all them J-fireans
who have been helping and supporting me the whole time QAQ

I love J-fire god these people fulfill my life too 
I love you guys 
thank you for bringing so much color into my life~~

after promos I'm gonna relax the hell outta myself


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